Only text in GUI after log in - Clean install on CentOS 6.4


I recently installed a PBX on CentOs. I did everything manually.
And after some time got it working.

Today I wanted to install another PBX to transfer the old one.

This time I used the script posted at
I used the
4.211.64-1 Script

Everything seemed to install and run ok.
After the install i needed to do some changes to the iptables to be able to reach my ip.
Anyway, i was asked to create a password, which went fine.
But then when I log in, i only see text (information about but nothing else.

Does anyone have an idea what went wrong?



PS: I’m not an expert at all, but i love learning about this, so any help would be really appreciated!

Hmm…try issuing the command amportal a r