Only have Admin | Reports | Settings buttons - Left side GUI missing

Grateful for any help…

My systems group just gave me a fresh box with the most recent FreePBX (2.11) on CentOS and yet all of the configuration buttons are missing from the /admin/config.php web page; reports and settings buttons appear and work.

Near as I can tell all of the modules are there and enabled.

(output from amportal admin ma list)

Module Version Status

builtin Enabled
cdr Enabled
core Enabled
customappsreg Enabled
dahdiconfig 2.11.18 Enabled
dashboard Enabled
digium_phones Enabled
digiumaddoninstaller2.8.1 Enabled
featurecodeadmin Enabled
framework Disabled
fw_ari Disabled
infoservices Enabled
logfiles Enabled
motif 2.11.5 Enabled
music Enabled
parking Enabled
queues Enabled
recordings Enabled
voicemail Enabled

I discovered that I had to login using the uid/pwd contained in the /etc/freepbx.conf