Only group 0 shows up in trunk drop down list

I have installed and got working a 4 port BRI card. I didn’t use the dahdi configuration tool in freepbx because it didn’t have the setting available for a BRI card.

I have set up groups 1 and 0 with channels in each in chan_dahdi.conf but freepbx doesn’t know about group 1 so I can’t select it as a trunk.

How do I tell freepbx that there is a group 1?

Thanks Dave

Groups are assigned on the channel level in the config files.

As far as FreePBX is concerned when you create the trunk you just put g0 or g1 or whatever in the channel field. I don’t even know what drop box you are speaking of.

Digium wrote the DAHDI module for FreePBX and it is a “work in progress”.

We do not support it here. You can try the Digium forums.

General Advice is it’s easier to run the dahdi_genconf script and tune the config files by hand that to try and get the DAHDI FreePBX module to work right.

I have also seen it break other modules in FreePBX.

Thanks for the prompt reply

I didn’t especially want to use the dahdi config module, I think I have got my config files set up and working OK, I can make and recieve calls as long as in the config files I have put the channels in group 0.

I have put 2 channels in group 1 but I can’t set up a trunk in freepbx to access group 1 because it’s not in the drop down list in the outgoing section of Trunks.

Is running dahdi_genconf the only way to get free pbx to see that there is a group 1?

Should I make sure everything in genconf_parameters is commented out so that it doesn’t overwrite my config’s, except the bit that generates the groups?
I did try that but either it didn’t work or I didn’t know what to leave in.

I left group_lines 1 uncommented as this was the only bit that seemed to relate to groups but it was just a guess as to what i should try.


I can asign the channels to a group in my config file manualy with no problem.

So I have

channels 1 & 2(span 1 on my card) in group 0
channels 4 & 5(span 2 on my card) in group 1

thats set up fine in the config.

When I make an outgoing call I want it to go out on channels 4 or 5 so I go to freepbx GUI to set up a trunk. on the left menu under Basic I click Trunks then I click add DAHDI Trunk. I enter a name for the trunk and set up its Outbound caller ID, I set the max number of channels on this trunk and then at the bottom of this page in a section headed “outgoing settings” is a box labled “DAHDI trunks” it has a drop down list of available groups, I want to select group 1 but in this box the only option is group 0.

I assume that freePbx doesn’t know that in my config files I set up a group 1 and so it’s not making it available to me.


FreePBX does not put a drop down box in the DAHDI trunks. That must be something the Digium module modifies.

Delete the Digium DAHDI module from FreePBX module Admin.

Thank you, I hadn’t really imagined that adding the module would have been responsible for changing that box in an other area of freePBX.

removed th module and problem solved.

I guess I thought the drop down box was just part of freePBX, I knew it wasn’t a drop down in trixbox but haven’t been playing with free pbx enough to have realised that it only changed to a dropdown box after installing the digium module.

Thanks again.