Only EPM "custom" provisioning address works, not "external"

As the title says, when I use the default “external” provisioning address, which is static, the phones will grab some of the config (i.e. ext# displayed, buttons sounds off) so I know the IP is correct, but then upon reboot fails to grab the VPN, doesn’t register the extension, nor grab background images or other customization.

When I set it to “custom”, i.e. “http://username:[email protected]_IP:84” everything works perfectly!

The portal is using the same line above for the redirect.

What am I missing? Spent quite few hours figuring this out after poring over the phone log and found this:

SIP: sip_nict_init, no route, req_uri->host:port is SIP: aid 0, cid 0, tid 0, did 0, REQUEST: REGISTER, Event: 2 SipProc:aid 0 enter NoAnswer SIP_REGISTRATION_FAILURE ====

This make sense because is my PBX, but at this point the phone for some reason cannot start a VPN so obviously this internal IP is not going to work to register. I don’t understand why it only grabs some of the config though. I have the SIP IP set for internal, since all traffic outside of provisioning is supposed to go through the VPN. I assume this is correct logic.

When using the “external” option for provisioning, this is what /var/log/httpd/error_log shows:

[error] [client EXT IP]
File does not exist: /tftpboot/factory0700.bin
File does not exist: /tftpboot/00505850c1b3.cfg
File does not exist: /tftpboot/cfg00505850c1b3
File does not exist: /tftpboot/ringtones/formatted/ring4.bin
File does not exist: /tftpboot/ringtones/formatted/ring5.bin
File does not exist: /tftpboot/ringtones/formatted/ring6.bin
File does not exist: /tftpboot/ringtones/formatted/ring7.bin
File does not exist: /tftpboot/ringtones/formatted/ring8.bin
File does not exist: /tftpboot/ringtones/formatted/ring9.bin
File does not exist: /tftpboot/ringtones/formatted/ring10.bin

Any other logs that would be helpful?

I’ve read this forum thread quite a few times: Setting up Sangoma phones to use VPN. (FreePBX 13)

I put it to “external”, then tail -f both the access_log and the error_log. Factory reset. Nothing in the error log, and this is all I get from the access_log:

EXT IP - username [21/Dec/2017:13:06:52 -0700] “GET /cfg0700.xml HTTP/1.1” 200 703 “-” "Sangoma S700 MAC_ADDRESS"
EXT IP - username [21/Dec/2017:13:07:00 -0700] “GET /cfgMAC_ADDRESS.xml HTTP/1.1” 200 62349 “-” “Sangoma S700 MAC_ADDRESS”

Then the phone reboots, has my extension, admin password has changed, says VPN activated, but not VPN address and a failed registration.

Then I put it back to “custom”, factory reset the phone, and the error_log shows all the files not existing in tftpboot again, but the access_log shows my ext IP getting the files, and everything works.




doesn’t work for me

Current Asterisk Version: 11.23.0
Freepbx FreePBX


IP_WAN —openwrt chaos calmer — cisco switch L3 — Freepbx sangoma appliance


openwrt — IP phone Sangoma S700

On freepbx server / EPM / Provisionning address : Custom http://username:[email protected]_WAN:83
username password coming from System Admin / provisionning protocols.

On the ip phone menu / satus / network / VPN : and account not registered. is not enough anyway for my config all sangoma.

Where can I find some log for debugging?

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