Ongoing, increasing Endpoint Manager issues

Have been having increasing issues for over a month now. Not getting responses on the bug tracker and now we’re in a spot where we need to provision/edit phones and cannot. Versions are in the bug report.

Have tried multiple browsers, clearing caches (IE is set not to cache). The controls to submit and reboot phones and edit the hard keys on Aastra phones are increasingly non-functional.

Help, please.

Pretty sure your issue is

Which is already resolved.

Wow was that fast, thanks! I’d just updated the modules before I posted and 182 wasn’t out for Framework.
That said, it did fix the button programming issue, but not the other controls that initially prompted me to submit the bug on Aug 3.

So your original issue only happens in IE?

Last I checked FreePBX was not supporting IE as a browser. Please use Firefox or chrome.

Browser not relevant. Firefox and IE exhibit the same issue. It’s a toggle problem in the code, I think.