Oneway audio with PFSense and Proxmox

Hi everyone. I know that oneway audio has been discussed alot in loads of other threads, but I have read through them all and none of them managed to help! I’ve been using FreePBX for years now, but only for systems that use FXO cards. I’ve now just taken on setting up a SIP Trunk becuase of the VoIP takeover.

Before posting logs or screenshots, here’s my setup. I have FreePBX running on a Promox VM. My router is a PFSense box (I think this is where my promblem is). I have two way audio between extensions, and I can dial out through the trunk and they can hear me at the other end, but I can’t hear them. I also can’t dial into the trunk.

I’ve followed every tutorial on how to configure PFSense as there has been issues with source port rewriting, but none of them seem to help. I’m not suspicious of my VM. Does anyone run FreePBX on Proxmox successfully?

I’ll gather some logs now if anyone out there is able to point me in the direction of a solution! Many thanks to everyone!

It is. This is a common issue with PFSense. Make sure port randomization and sip helpers are disabled.

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