One way voice

Dear all,

I am using freepbx. I installed it successfully and able to registered extension. i created SIP trunk with my Cisco call manager and able to dial calls outside. I natted my freepbx with public IP and also open the ports on my firewall even i open all ports for testing. My network structure is like, on the top layer my ISP router is place, ISP router connected with my Firewall and after firewall i connected my PBX. some access list is configure on ISP router and i already open all the ports for my natted freepbx ip. I also define real IP and local IP in freepbx and also put extension as nat. From outside of the network over internet i am able to connect my extension through x-lite and also able to make calls. The main problem that i am facing right now is one way voice. The called party is able to listen my voice but i am not able to listen any thing. Please help me out in this.

Are you forwarding RTP ports correctly through your firewall. Have a look in /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf for the port range, usually 10000-20000 UDP.

Dear Lee,

Yes for the testing i open complete public IP on my firewall and also on ISP router in access list.

For one more test i also put my freepbx system in public network without any natting and firewall just connect directly on ISP router with the public IP. The only protection is in between access list in ISp router that i already open complete ports for specific freepbx IP

Try to turn off the re-invite