One way audio when using headset

We have a 12 S500 phones that we have been using for almost a year with Jabra Biz 2300 headsets. About a month ago outgoing audio on one of the phones stopped working through the headset. The handset has no issue.

I changed the GN1200 connector and then the entire headset, but the problem persists. The headset from that phone works properly and has two-way audio when connected to a different S500 phone, so I’m thinking it has to be a phone issue.

We had similar issues with Zulu when a user changed the NAT setting.

I’ve looked (more than once) but can’t see a similar setting on the phone.

Is there a NAT setting on the phone that the user could have changed? Anything else I should be looking at?

To me, it sounds like a problem with the phone - specifically, the jack the headset plugs into. The phone works, new headset doesn’t and old headset works on other phone…

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