One Way Audio on Resuming Call On Hold using integrated Freepbx/OpenVPN

Freepbx 15 All Patched and updated (fwconsole ma upgradeall & yum update -y)
Remote phones connected via VPN to PBX. Everything works great, however when a remote phone puts a call on hold, then attempts to resume the call they can hear the caller but the caller cannot hear them, they only hear silence (as opposed to on hold music). Remote phone replaces caller on hold and caller once again hears music but all subsequent attempts to reconnect result in the same one way audio issue.

Noticed this with two separate clients and have confirmed this on our test system.

Before I dig too deep and wireshark the call etc…curious if anyone else has run into this issue.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Working from a foggy recollection about a router renumbering issue that we’ve seen a few times in the past. If you can, look through the search bar for “hold error” and see if you can find something that sounds familiar.

As a first test, make sure you have SIP-ALG (or other SIP Helpers) turned off at your router. Anything that rewrites the source or destination UDP port will mess this up.

I’ve run into something similar recently along with other errors when resuming calls from hold. either one way audio or dead air. 2 or 3 new systems recently. I was using a old FreePBX 15 snapshot to build the new systems and them modifying them for the new client to use PJSip and the built in OpenVPN. The snapshot I believe was from a 13 or 14 system that was upgraded to 15 using the built in upgrade tool.

Couldn’t figure it out so I did a brand new FreePBX15 distro build from scratch and it doesn’t have the issues.

No firewall changes or anything on the broader network was changed. So there must have been something corrupted in my snapshot.

Not sure if this helps but figured I’d mention it.

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