One way audio on physical extension only

So briefly I use mostly virtual, I have quite a few DID’s that are piped to a single extension where I use FM/FM to push the calls to a cell phone for my company. Those work perfectly! I can make calls into the system and carry a conversation bidirectionally.

I have 12 DID’s in total one of them is directed at DISA, two go to Terminate:SIT, an iNum, 8 of them go to virtual extensions and the last is one for my Grandma who has Alzheimer’s and her ATA is programmed to auto dial me on pickup.

Now I can make a call out from her ATA no big deal, but Grandma can hear me and I cannot hear her. This always worked when I was on a hosted platform with the same device I only changed the server and secret to match the server. Also anther weird anomaly is that this is the only inbound route that I cannot dial into either. It is a Grandstream HT-502 and the device is showing registered as well as FreePBX. Any cell phone that dials the number gets an error message from the provider of the cell phone. I have tried on both a Verizon and an AT&T phone and each time I get a message from the respective provider letting me know the number is not in service. If I point the DID at a Terminate:SIT then it works great. If I point the DID at my personal extension that FM/FM to my cell phone then it works great but if I point it to the physical extension “Chan_SIP” with the ATA poof not in service generated by the calling party not the FreePBX box.