One-Way audio on only Obihai devices

(John) #1

I have Freepbx 13 running in Azure and having a strange issue with it. EPM is provisioning them and I can register all my devices to it. My soft phones (X-Lite and Grandstream Wave) are able to get audio back and forth but my ObiHai 1032’s are not. I’m trying them all from the same remote location. I’m using the same desk sets with my local freepbx distro without any issue and the RTP settings match.

I can call from the ObiHai to the soft phones and I can hear the audio from the obihai’s but not from the soft phones. If i dial *43 or *65 the console shows that it’s playing the audio to the devices but nothing is heard. It works from the soft phones though.

The console output appears identical for calls from all types of devices. Is there any other tools that i might be able to try to attempt to figure out where the failure might be?

(Dave Burgess) #2

Sounds like a NAT problem. Check all of the settings to make sure that the remote deskset has valid local and routable addresses, as well as the proper setting in the router (no SIP-ALG or other SIP helpers).