One way audio on extention to extention and calling to a phone number

Hello i have a big problem. I haven’t messed with freepbx in a long time sense my server been working i haven’t been working with it. when i tried to call from Ext to Ext i only get a one way calling. If someone calls me i can not here them but they can here me. Same as if i was calling out. I do not know what is going on. I took a asterisk log and this is what i got from Ext to ext. So i put it in pastebin here. Can someone please help me?

Edit: I’m sorry i forgot one other thing. The calls was hanging up after one minute.


In Asterisk SIP settings, confirm that External Address and Local Networks are correctly set. Local Networks should include your 10.1.10.x and 10.1.13.x networks, as well as any other subnets the PBX may use. Setting / 8 may be appropriate. If you change these settings, you must restart (not just reload) Asterisk.

If you still have trouble, at the Asterisk command prompt type
sip set debug on
make a failing call and paste the new log, which will include a SIP trace. Also, if there is any NAT, VPN, etc. between the phones and the PBX, provide detail.

Hello, i figure out the problem. We have a VPN from one place to another. Somehow the VPN location to location stop working well part of it somehow stop working. I restarted the VPN router and it came back. Now I’m able to call and move calls over. Thank you all for the help.


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