One way audio behind router

Due to having issues with getting vlans setup we decide to put a Mikrotik router to segregate traffic. We have turn off all natting and using just routing. I then go under sip settings in Freepbx, add the lan network of the router. The phones register no problem. The issue is just one way audio. We hear the callers or the called person fine they cannot hear us. Set this up on our test pbx we have no problem. What am I missing here?

Without more information about your network, it’s all conjecture, but 99% of all One-way audio problems are NAT related. Either you have something set to NAT that shouldn’t be (a phone, the PBX, etc.) or you need to configure your NAT correctly. You also need to make sure that your router is redirecting UDP traffic to the PBX (RTP traffic uses SYN packets to set up the audio, and you may not be providing the correct forward routing path to the PBX).

Those are the common guesses.