One way audio. Again

We are using cloud hosted freepbx with grandstream wave. All has been fine for years. We have a sip trunk to VOIP.MS. Deskphones have been working fine. Using Grandstream wave has been great, but now we are having multiple complaints of one way audio usually when the GS wave is working from home. Issue can be from external caller or extension to extension. GS Wave user can hear the outside caller, but outside caller can not hear GS Wave user. Is there some sort of remote diagnostic you recommend. I have had great luck so far with this setup. Not sure where to start.

I recently had this symptom with Groundwire under Android 13. It would fail only when the app was in background when the call came in. When the trouble occurred, the PBX would receive RTP from the app that was silent, but correct in all other respects. A settings change related to native dialer integration fixed the problem.

If this is your issue, Grandstream can probably suggest a settings change or version upgrade.

Otherwise, I’d start by capturing a failing call at the PBX with tcpdump. Move the capture file to your PC and look at the RTP with Wireshark. Is the incoming RTP missing, corrupted, or simply silent? If one of the first two, if it fails under Windows, Mac or Linux, capture at the sending end and compare.

If it fails only under Android or iOS, test whether both Wi-Fi and mobile data are affected, whether outbound calls are also affected, and whether receiving calls with the app in foreground is affected.

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