One User Linked to Two Extensions

HI all,

I have a user that will have a phone on his desk and another in a remote office (VPN from Sangoma phone).

I intend on setting it up so that the remote phone is a different extension.

Can I link the same user to both extensions? Or do I just create the remote extension with no user? The reason to link would be so that I can put the Voicemail Phone App on the remote extension phone. Or can I manually set it up so that the voicemail on remote extension points to a different extension’s voicemail box.

I realize voicemail is tied to extensions and not to a user.

Another reason to link would be the UCP. It would be nice if a single user could log into the UCP and see voicemails from multiple extensions.

Or is some of this already possible?


  1. In the extensions advanced settings, you can send Voicemails to the primary extension mailbox.

  2. You can add multiple Voicemail access to a UCP account. Admin > Under User Management, select the account, under UCP > Voicemail add access…

Hi all,

So, I went the route of creating a 2nd user account for a phone, then linking that account to a new extension. On a Sangoma S400, is there a way to have the Voicemail phone app use a different extension number’s voicemail?

Or, what about having the feature code for “My Voicemail” use a different mailbox number?

The goal here is for a user to have a phone in the office and a phone at home. They can be different extensions, but I don’t understand why FreePBX isn’t already set up to have multiple extensions (or endpoints) for a single user.

I did set the no answer destinations to be the primary extension’s voicemail.

What version of FreePBX/Asterisk? It sounds like if you could have one extension with multiple endpoints, that would be ideal.

You can do this via PJSIP. There might be a reason you haven’t gone this route, but here is a link just incase.

If it fits your need, it’s a simpler approach with less to manage.

Latest version of FreeBPX 14.

I am using PJSIP, and while I did set the max contacts to 2x, I can’t find any info about the pros/cons of going this route. Is this why I now see extensions like 100-1 and 100-2?

If I have two phones on the same extension, do they both ring at the same time? Can I configure one phone for VPN and the other not VPN?

You would just have both endpoints sign into the extension like you normally would during setup. They would both ring at the same time.

The big pro, in my opinion, is one and done. If you need to add something to the extension in the future, you’ve only going one to deal with. In a small environment this isn’t a big deal, but at scale, this is huge.

The big con is that both endpoints have all the same options, which may not always be what you need, especially if the two phones are significantly different.

It’s not a very big con, but it is one of the limitations of the setup.