One-touch queue login

I’ve been searching for this but haven’t quite found the info I am looking for

FreePBX 2.11 & Asterisk 11.7

I am trying to figure out how to setup a one-touch queue login button using Digium D70. I don’t think I need a phone specific explanation, just need to figure out how to make the dialplan work.

I have put a custom context in extensions_custom.conf called [Queue_Login] but how do I call it from FreePBX? Tried custom destinations, but I’m definitely missing something.

Maybe a simple example and a link to the right documentation?

Here is what I have in the custom dialplan:

exten => s,1,Dial(1000*)
exten => s,n,wait(1)
exten => s,n,SendDTMF(${EXTEN}#}
exten => s,n,hangup

Where 1000 is the queue I have created.

Thanks for any guidance.

thanks for the reply, Bill!

After much frustration (understatement) and poking around, I found that the agent I was testing with was showing as logged in the whole time. Logging out, even repetitively, was not taking the agent out. Neither was rebooting the whole server.

I had to go into asterisk CLI and manually remove and now it’s functioning exactly as I needed to.

Thanks again for your reply! I have the queue login/out seemingly working just fine now.

Don’t know what caused that but am happy it is working so I can move on to next project.

On my thones, Aastra & Grandstream, program a BLF key with 45AAAAQQQQ where AAAA is the extension number and QQQQ is the queue number. Have to have hints enabled, etc.


*451000 only logs out. Does not login.

I sure am lost as to the queue login, why are you sending DTMF? How is EXTEN going to be populated. You don’t think EXTEN is the extension number do you?

Extension means something else in Asterisk.

Well, to manually login to a queue you dial the queue number and *, then it prompts you for your agent ID which is your extension and then pres #. So, I want to send the extension of the calling station in DTMF.

I thought I’d be able to use a Goto statement somewhere, or create a custom destination to send to this context, but maybe I need to use an extension or feature code?

Or just start over using a different method.

I am familiar with custom dialplans, but it has been a while since I’ve done anything with them.

If you ignore what I’ve done already, how would you go about accomplishing this?

…and now that I’m looking at previously written dialplans I see why you are confused!

I should be using caller ID or something else instead of ${EXTEN}. I hadn’t realized my mistake because I haven’t been able to get a call to this dialplan anyway.

You also don’t send DTMF within applications. That command sends DTMF on a channel.

You want the agentlogin application. You can use the CID of the extension as the seed for the application.

I think I’m over complicating it. It looks like I should be able to just program a button for *451000 and that will do what I want it to do.

I did want to have the button indicate whether the extension is logged in or out of the queue, but wasn’t going to bother with that until I had the login/out functioning.