One time condition multiple phones

I have a situation where we need to have a whole block of phones behave differently based upon the time condition. Specifically these are phones in the classrooms at a school. During school hours we want the calls to go to their voicemail but ring the extension the rest of the time.

I’d rather not have to create a time condition for each extension since this is something that would need to function for an entire school district and I could be looking at hundreds of phones.

Does anyone have an idea for implementing something like this?

In FreePBX 14 you can toggle FollowMe with calendar.
You can use one calendar across all your extensions.
Check it out, might fit your needs.

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Thanks. I will check it out.

Some more…

To test if this is possible to accomplish i wanted to set in advanced settings the ring time on my extension to 0, unfortunately the lowest you can set is 1.
Went to FollowMe and configured the ring time for 25 seconds.

So when FollowMe is disabled, it rang for just 1 second and then the Voicemail answered, when FollowMe was enabled it rang 25 seconds and then my Voicemail answered.

(I also tried the other way around, setting FollowMe initial ring and ring time for the FM list to 0 and in advanced settings the ring time to 25 secs, but it still rang 1 sec when FM was enabled)

So if this 1 second ring bothers you, i guess you should file a feature request to allow setting the ring time to 0… If not, you just need to configure your calendar schedule.

In Follow Me, the tool tip for Initial Ring Time says:

“This is the number of seconds to ring the primary extension prior to proceeding to the follow-me list. The extension can also be included in the follow-me list. A 0 setting will bypass this.”

So I would assume that you could set it up so Follow Me is on during class hours, routing all calls to voicemail.

@Stewart1 Seems like you missed this part… I already tried that, it still rings for one second.

Sorry, I thought this once worked. I’ll test later today and post back.

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I got the followme working. I created a custom extension with the name black hole, made it the only entry in the followme list, set the initial ring time and ring time to 0 and selected memoryhunt as the ring strategy. When followme was on it went immediately to voicemail. With followme off it rings the extension.

However, with the calendar matching turned on and an event scheduled every day from 8-5 it is not switching into followme on that schedule.

Not sure what I’m missing.

BTW, the documentation on the new Calendar module is pretty sparse as best.

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