One terminal with 2 SIP account from the same PBX?

Can I have one terminal with 2 SIP account from the same PBX.
I wanted the second account so I can map it to a button then add the button to another extensions follow me so I can monitor the other extension and get a ring tone when called.
A DSS/BLF button will not ring or will it? I would like to have the BLF ring

Pretty much any SIP phone is capable of registering to multiple SIP accounts.

Some phones (such as Sangoma, visual and/or audio BLF notices) have this feature, it is something you have to investigate for your particular phone.

I understand now. Tony did a webinar yesterday showing off the new Sangoma phones and how the new DSS/BLF buttons work. With the Sangoma, you get BLF notices and you can program a DSS button to act differently based on how long you press the button for. I hope Mitel is watching and buys Sangoma next.