One provider, 1 trunk programmed, 2 trunks online

Our PBX is programmed with one trunk from one provider with 6 channels but when looking at the dashboard it always shows 2 trunks online. Is this inbound and outbound or… The other site we have had one trunk from another provider and only shows 1 trunk online.

Did you use peer details and incoming settings in the trunk page?

Yes we have programming in both the inbound and outbound details. We have a second trunk programmed for testing but it only registers in the dashboard as one trunk so when both are activated then the status shows 3 trunks online.

You can use in the peer details type=friend and erase the incoming settings. Then I think the dashboard will show only one trunk.

That would be it. It is set as type=peer right now in both incoming and outgoing. That would probably explain why the two trunks.