One phone started defaulting to internal ip in EPM, all others point to WAN

Yealink T23G: ALL the phones are registered. The office phones pointing to office WAN in EPM, as seen in the IP Address Status, work as expected. The one that for some reason started showing the internal ip on the office network yesterday in EPM IP Address Status, all those incoming calls go directly to voice mail. Again, all are registered with the remote pbx. All use the same endpoint template.

The “bad” phone shows ‘nam ms’ in the EPM IP Address Status, but I am not sure what ‘nam’ stands for. Anyone know?

I don’t see any differences in anything, and nothing was changed on any phones or in Freepbx, except an asterisk update to v16. I configured another new phone to take the place of that one ‘bad’ phone, same results, that new phone also points to the internal ip in EPM; it should point to the WAN. If I access the Yealink admin screen for that phone, it is configured like all the rest that work. This makes me think it is something in the Freepbx configuration, but I don’t see any readily apparent issues.

If I switch that one phone to use VPN, it then receives calls as expected, if I set it to not use VPN, it falls back to the internal ip, not the WAN ip, and all calls never make it to the phone, instead just go directly to the Freepbx voice mail.

Any ideas what’s going on and how to fix?

FreePBX / Current Asterisk Version 16.6.2

Thx, in advance.

If I don’t get any suggestions, I will next weekend delete the extension from Freepbx, set the phone back to factory settings, re-create the extension, provision the phone, and see if that works,

Check advañced tab for ext, rewrite contact.

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