One of two PJSIP Trunks with different accounts from same provider fails for Outgoing calls. Trunk Busy Message received

I am in India. I have an Asterisk based IPPBX (Openvox) running. I have configured 2 seperate PJSIP trunks from the same provider with two diffrent accounts (server address : The trunk settings are identical for both. The trunk that I set up first ([email protected]) works fine for both outgoing and incoming calls while the second trunk ([email protected]) works fine for incoming calls but on trying to make outgoing calls through this I get the message “Call cannot be completed. All routes busy” The Asterisk log shows that Asterisk detects “Everyone is busy” when dialing out through this second trunk.

If the trunk uses registration, you probably need to set up only one trunk, that is the general way of using more than one DID from the same provider with the same account. In any case, you should consult with your trunk provider to get the correct configuration from them, they are the only ones who can tell you how the product works.

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