One module is installed on Spanish after update

Hi all,
Today i noticed that one module has different language

“Registro de Eventos de Llamadas”

how i can change the language to English?
thank you in advance

FreePBX 13.0.65
Current Asterisk Version: 13.7.2

This just happened to me as well.

I can confirm this, it is being looked in to.

update to 13.0.16, this should fix it

When I run this update the following shows on the screen. The entire system then becomes unresponsive with the mysql process maxing out the cpu. No calls can be made internal or external. I have to restart mysql to get my system back.

StatusPlease wait while module actions are performed
Installing cel
Creating cel if needed..OK
checking for extra field..already exists
checking for userfield field..already deleted
checking for src field..already deleted
checking for dst field..

Hi all,
Thank you for quick response, but I want to confirm that with 13.0.16 the problem is not fixed

Oops, I had noticed that the Spanish translator (at least one of them if there are more than one) had started “translating” US English to Spanish…

I completely forgot to ping anyone about it, sorry…

Having a US English translation is usually useful to handle plurals but unfortunately it doesn’t look like FreePBX’s/PHP’s translation framework handles plurals.

Instead of having the application display something like

1 phone(s)
2 phone(s)

it can instead display this:

1 phone
2 phones

If the translation framework supports plurals…

I maintain the US English translation of another application just for this reason.

I never updated to the version of the module which displayed Spanish but I just updated and everything seems to be ok here, no Spanish at all…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Hi Marbled,

After last update my module stays in Spanish "Registro de Eventos de Llamadas"
should i uninstall or remove and install again or i can do by another steps.
Thank you in advance for the help



I am not quite sure why getting the new module apparently didn’t work for you but it looks like this module doesn’t have an uninstall procedure which could (possibly) delete anything so I guess you could try what you suggested (after making a backup of course).

The other thing I would try is switch to another language and switch back to English (if you switch to French for example you would have to choose “Anglais” to go back to English) to see if a language change fixes anything.

Good luck and have a nice day!