One Button Park on Yealink T46G

I am using the commercial endpoint manager and phone apps. By default, the park button doesn’t show up when I configure the phone by the web interface. But when it pulls a config that the commercial endpoint manager created, I get “Transfer” “Hold” “Conference” “More” and then when hitting more “Park” and “End Call”. I’d like that Park key to work, and possibly get rid of the hold key because a physical button already exists for that.

I have spent a little while now combing through the manuals and configs and have come up empty.

If you are using the RESTful Phone Apps have a look here:

You can set the phone function key to point to the different RESTful Apps in the template part of the end point manager. Each RESTful app is an XML key definition so you should be able to change the definitions around.

The park key I am talking about is part of what Yealink calls the “On Talk” softkeys, these are not editable through the endpoint manager, nor can I find much on editing them in any of the documentation. From the phone web interface I can over-ride the “On Talk” softkeys, but Park is not an option when I over-ride them.

Can you make it a speed dial key and program it with ##70#

When it comes to on talk softkeys, I do not have an option to do anything outside of the preset key list they provide. From what I have read, the park button is only able to be used by Broadsoft and 3cx. That doesn’t answer why the Enable Park variable is set in the Commerical Endpoint Manager though. I’d think if they put it there, that it would be working with FreePBX.

We expose all options for phone buttons. This does not mean they work nor do we have the time to test every button option each manufacture has. We use to limit the button types to ones we knew worked with Asterisk then users were complaining so we exposed them all.