One Button Forward to cell phone

Hay all

I have a client that wants to be able to hit a button on his phone (Aastra 55i and 53i’s). Any ideas on how this can be completed?

I looked on the phone and it has a call forward but you have to go through a menu. It’s not that difficult but I would like some out of the box thinking on how we can do this.

Also what is everyone’s idea on CentPBX? From the forum is looks dead.

I am looking for something to replace trixbox CE. Right now it’s the best and most stable I have found. I would like everyones opinion.

for replacement try PBX-in-a-Flash instead.

The aastra phones all have a web interface to program the buttons on the phone. Use the web user interface to make it happen. I don’t have a 53i or 55i. but that’s what we do on all of our 9133 phone and it works great.