One asterisk server to support multiple ports (one DID or multiple DID)

I am the freshman for asterisk and freepbx, I just installed in this long weekend, and it really impressive and get lots of feature out of box.
Here it is my question about how to use one trixbox server to support more than one call at one time (concurrent calls), I have more concern about the incoming call.

  1. how to change the configure to use one asterisk to support multiple ports (prefer the SIP)

  2. on top of the first question, can multiple ports mapping to one DID or must be one port to one DID.

  3. is there an easy way to change the configure (like from freepbx) if I like to support more ports (for example, from 2 ports to 10 ports).

  4. if the asterisk has certain limitation of number of concurrent calls, can I install multiple asterisk on one server, or it will be better to use the combination of the asterisk with SIPx or freeswitch, etc.


You’re only limited by bandwidth and CPU horsepower. Asterisk will support as many concurrent calls as you can throw at it.

In regards to DIDs: you can have as many calls come in on one DID as your system can support.