Once again ... can not connect asterisk, tried a lot, nope ... :-(

You are right, i do/did it really this way in the past/future, thanks to the different powerfull verbosity of linux.

… it is a loooooong and haaaard way to go. Lets go.

Thx for your support.

Good for you , it is as long and hard as you want it to be, as anyone will advise you just “RTFM” (there are many, on every subject and to any detail) :wink:

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You are right, i am explicitly warned. :wink:

I have to study RTFM, right, read all the tips/hints in inet, in forums. If i get stucked, i will ;-), i will ask the experts in this forum. I should not cry, if something will not function at first shot.

It is possible to unpack the (huge) functionality of asterisk. Because it was not an AI, that build this system, this functionality. They are humans too. But, in contrast to me, very asterisk experienced human beings. :wink: They need to know all the details.

But, otherwise with freepbx i will never have this chance (also hard way) to learn, what i am doing. It is like win32-System, you klick something, and a deus ex machina will do something for you somewhere, propably. :wink:

I know, it would be much, much easier NOT to use freepbx/asterisk, rather to BUY a complete, headachefree(?) 3cx-voip-system. Also it is not the money, that is limitating, the friends of mine could buy a golden, superior 3cx-system. They should not. :wink:

All tiny voip-systems are gone (a lot of them), all over the places i was, there are only a redirection to 3cx-Website. :angry: :angry: :angry: Who need this? :frowning:


Are you serious!!! We say “Install the Distro” and you say “Oh I want to learn, this is why I’m not using the Distro.” Then you turn around and say something like this:

Are you kidding me?! You know what would be “much, much easier”?! INSTALLING THE DISTRO AS YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD. Hell, if money isn’t the issue you could have gotten a PBXact system with all the commercial modules and bells/whistles ALREADY ADDED ON.


I agree, almost, but not completely, FreePBX is a front end to Asterisk, Most of FreePBX is open source and can and should be studied/understood, however there is a lot than can be done with asterisk “behind the scenes” that adds functionality to your system without interfering with FreePBX per , even if not using the “distro”
and there are hooks all over FreePBX that lets you integrate your own customizations into the FreePBX gui to control such customizations.

I agree with @BlazeStudios, use distro out of the gate. Become an expert administrator/user, before trying to deploy a from scratch deployment.

… calma, calma :slight_smile:
I already installed the distro.
But, i also installed deb+asterisk 13.xx.cert+ freepbx.

I will configure distro and deb/ast. version. As dicko told, as i thought, then i will see, what the distri will do.

@buying a complete package
We already have an old PST-system, a black-box, two service-provider were gone, nobody can handle this monster, f… If it will break down, this will be a show stopper. This HW was not my decision, nor responsibilty.

Therefore, no black boxes @all again.

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Commendable, that way you can ultimately make your own unbiased decisions.

Right now, i have an asterisk (deb) with freepbx, working (not dialing in/out), i can install some new plugins through freepbx-gui. Minutes ago i had


SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘key’ in ‘where clause’


OK, looking for the solution, found it here. Upgraded the module and other plugins too.
It works (like apache would says :slight_smile: )
@Freepbx, i clicked all, what i saw, nothing with an error. Nice.

Then, this was in syslog: Function IF not registered :frowning:
OK, looking, found the solution, you guess, here too. (added to modules.conf) Nice.
… now: No application ‘ExecIf’ :frowning:
I will look for the solution too.

But, what i am trying to tell, yesterday i was in the middle of NOWHERE, nothing worked, now (24h later) i am far away from that point, GREAT. I know, @the beginning, you will make big steps, afterwords it will get harder and harder.

I have/had a deadline, therefore i will probably bring the distro @start, as ALL OF YOU told me. You won. :slight_smile:

But somehow, i want to get deeper in /etc/asterisk, how to do it, if the system is productive?

If the distri will work fine, i have to examine/compare the config with deb/ast-combination.

The only chance to switch sometime to deb is to get it work @night hours, if nobody needs the voip-system. kvm will make it possible to cut off the productive system, and go online with deb/ast-combination (same kvm-mac, IP too), till it works like the distri.

Until this, i will ask all of you :slight_smile: to help me. :wink:
OK for you?

  • Freepbx complaints about dahdi, i do not have any hw/dahdi-stuff, try to get it out of the system (not loading, disabling loading,
  • pm2, cant install it

this freepbx needs somehow packages for RH/yum-packages, but it is deb.
Why it does not look after the binary needed for a certain functionality?
OK, my business to solve it.

You don’t need dahdi anymore unless you have TDM/analog hardware, if you are using debian then you don’t need any yum packages as everything is available in the standard debian repos., just follow the FreePBX wiki to install FreePBX concordant with your version of Debian.

pm2 not really needed yet but it will eventually be installable if you get your nodejs version upgraded.

If you find debian to be advantageous to your ultimate needs, then you can backup the “distro” install and restore to your debian system easily

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You are right, no hardware, no dahdi, special, high price hw, therefore i love it to have asterisk in kvm, only ip/tcp/udp.

I know, yums are needed for Rh/centos.

It is possible to upgrade Freepbx to 14.x, but my
NodeJS 8.0.0 or higher (needed)
does not fit. Later. Not important right now.

@pm2, we have a xmpp-server too, pm2 needed for xmpp, to get asterisk in touch with xmpp-server, like prosody. Later tooooo. Not important right now.

The aim is to dial in and out.
That would be very nice. :slight_smile:

Debian stretch would supply nodejs 8+ but you can install it on jessie ( google is your friend) and stretch can “over-version” php as it installs 7, you can fix that though. So a bit of a catch22 but resolvable. Personally i would stay with jessie and FreePBX 13 for now, it is a safer base install and easily upgradable.

As to xmpp there are a few such servers if you need one, prosody wouldn’t be my first choice.

This all are add-on stuffs, will stay on Jessie.

Look here, the provider tells me this, yesssssssssss.
Useragent FPBX-

Openfire works fine, probably ejabberd later. Also add-on to change this horse, but never touch a running system.

Then I believe you are on a solid track, keep up the good work!!

When you are ready

curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_8.x | sudo -E bash -

and then

sudo apt-get install nodejs

thx to you and to the others too.
It is nice to get this type of support, therefore open source/linux, thats OK for me.
Sometime it is hard, cause of a lack of RTFM OR to much of RTFM.
Does never fits. :-), like in real life.


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