Once again about callerid from FreePBX' MySQL datase

Hi everybody,
In first, I’m newbie in all that staff.
But the question is: how to update asterisk’ astdb with data from FreePBX MySQL DB? I need to send display name (caller ID) into Asterisk to get it on IP-phone, so I need to update only AMPUSER(name).
Note, I read all topics with the same thing, but didn’t find any acceptable solution or advice.
Conditions are partially the same to this:

OK, so I think I’m completely confused now.

The astdb is a (IIRC) BerkeleyDB that is maintained with the running parameters of the local Asterisk implementation. There are lots of ways to update this information, but I’m unclear on what you are trying to do.

Updating the database is straight-forward enough using the dbget() and dbput() functions, but these are internal to Asterisk.

If you are trying to get some information to “stick” in Asterisk’s local database, the way to do that is to pull the data from your MySQL database and update the local database during normal operation. You could develop a full-up application that updates the astdb, but you will need to cut it from whole cloth using something like the PERL or C++ libraries for accessing the astdb offline and accessing your MySQL database to make these connections.

In general, most people here will recommend against people (especially new people) getting into the Asterisk database and mucking about. It is just too easy to screw yourself up to the point that a complete reinstall is the only way to get back to a workable state.

Thanks so much. But I’ve found decision by weird way so topic may be closed.

It’s sqlite3…