Oncall to external cell phones

Maybe someone can help me here. I’m looking for a solution to manage an oncall rotation for technicians. I have 4 technicians - each have a personal cell. I need a user friendly or automated way to manage a rotation for them. I am thinking of ring groups or virtual extensions that ring out to their cells, but how to manage the scheduling piece is confusing me. What is the best way to tackle this?
I also am wondering what happens with the call if it rings out to cell and the phone is turned off - is there a way to capture that call back on the PBX to route VM to email ?? (hopefully to a distribution list)

followme maybe is a solution? if the extension is off or not pick up the ring, the system can forward to cell phone through trunk.

In Follow Me, you can set the Confirm Calls option, which requires the mobile user to press 1 to accept the call. This eliminates the risk of the call going to mobile voicemail (if out of range, dead battery, phone off). Set timeouts long enough for the mobile user to respond. IMO it’s unsafe to use this while driving, but in that situation the tech could stop in a safe place and call the customer back.

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