On screen call notifications

Trying to find a way to give our reps on screen call notifications when their phone rings.

I noticed CID Superfecta can send Growl notifications, but it doesn’t seem very well documented.

Any suggestions? Not looking for anything crazy advanced, and we are flexible on this. I.e. it can be Growl, Chrome notifications, anything really.

Zulu works well

There’s also work being done for a FreePBX-CRM package that might be of interest to you.

ISymphony would be another possible option

https://www.fop2.com with the Google Chrome Extension.

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That’s five different suggestions… Feel any closer to solving your problem than you did before? I doubt it.

We haven’t started down the path that starts from the CRM side - every one of those also has a way to do this, plus there are another 10 or 15 that just do on-screen call notification.

I find in these kinds of situations, it’s best to pick SOMETHING and just move out. I doubt you’ll get a consensus from this group.

UCP with WebRTC gives a pop-up notification in Chrome. Unlike the other suggestions, it is free and built in to FreePBX.