On Hold Reminder

I am using the cisco 7940 phone with FreePBX. I have had a problem come up every once in a while. My problem is that someone puts a call on hold and forgets about it and there is no reminder. I was wondering if it is possible to have a reminder one the call is put on hold if it stays for to long. Any help would be great!

A parking lot would work however the problem with using a parking lot is that you have a set amount of time the call will stay in the parking lot before it is transferred back. You might need to keep the caller on hold longer than the amount of time that the parking lot waits before it transfers the call back.

Look at Call Hold Ringback or Call Hold Reversion on the 7940. I have not used this feature because I don’t typically use Cisco 7940 phones so your millage might vary.

use a parking lot and then after the timeout the call will be bounced back to the originating extension.
i don;t know about the cisco phones but the snom and yealink phones i have here all beep after a certain amount of time on hold.

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