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Greetings all,

We deployed a PBXact phone server to one of our client’s offices, and everything has been running smoothly for a year. However, we’ve received a request from the client to explore whether the PBXact or the phones support the “On Hold Reminder Beep” feature. The client wishes to receive an automatic beep after 30 seconds when an employee puts a client on hold, serving as a reminder that someone is still waiting.

In our client’s office, two types of phones are in use: Yealink SIP-T23G and Polycom VVX411. While I successfully located and modified the “On Hold Reminder” settings in the SIP-T23G phone web interface, I encountered challenges with the Polycom VVX411 phones. For the Ploycom VVX411 phones, I found that I will have to modify the following three settings in the phone config file,


I logged into Polycom VVX411 phone web interface, under “Utilities”, I exported the phone config file to a computer, open with notepad, found these three settings, modified them accordingly, then upload the configure file back to the phone. However, once I restart the phone, all the settings I made has ben reset back to default again by Endpoint manager auto configuration. Is there a way, I can log into PBXact via SSH, and find the template of the phone config file, and modify it directly on the PBXact server? Please let me know if you have a better solution.

Thank you in advance!

‘notepad’ doesn’t do line endings properly for linux

That has nothing to do with this. The OP is making a local change on the phone which works. However, when the phone reboots it pulls a config from the EPM which overwrites the local changes.

The changes need to be made in the EPM under Basefile Edit to edit the actual config the phone keeps pulling.


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