On Hold Music issues

I was looking to get some help as well as pick some of you all’s brains regarding an issue we’re having with a client. There’s an issue with the on hold music that plays in the background where there’s static and a sort of feedback noise that is happening (Overall kind of sounds like window blowing heavily in the background) which as the person is on hold for longer, the issue gets worse.

All normal call quality is good and the issue is only primarily present on inbound/outbound calls and not internal calls between extensions. (Maybe with this particular client a little bit of pulse sounds faintly but nothing really noticeable) For this issue we have verified the recordings NOT being an issue because we have loaded the original asterisk sound files and still have the problem.

We’ve already addressed another issue with our PRI circuit to fix some call quality issues but this still seems to be a problem. We have actually checked another PBX system and it has the same issue but we are exhausted on what could be causing it. We don’t think its the codecs because we’ve tested it with original WAV files and still have had the issue. Some HELP from you all in directions to move toward would be very much so appreciated.

System info: Asterisk (Ver. 10.7.0)