On going issue with Sipstation

Seeing as Sipstation have a problem reading and replying to e-mails I am going to ask the general public about this because it is getting very annoying now.

I ported a number over to Sipstation from Vonage, it was reported to me by Sipstations some 3 - 4 weeks later the port was successful and everything seemed to work ok. So I made a phone call to Vonage to make sure that the account was going to be shut down and they advised me that I would loose my phone number if I shut the account down, I told them the number was ported over to Sipstation and they tell me it has not been ported and has never been requested to be ported.

Back to Sipstation again that ignored my e-mail to start off with and only replied once I got nasty with them, they did some checks and said the number was a successful port again and I do receive calls on that number to my PBX… most calls. I keep getting e-mails of voicemails from Vonage from people that should be coming through on my PBX but yet they still get to Vonage some how!

I have 4 days to get this sorted out and have yet again to have a reply to my e-mail from Sipstation, on the 20th Vonage terminate my account and according to Vonage they still have my number which I will apparently loose on the 20th, the same number I have had for 12 years and god help me if this number gets given to someone else or goes into Vonages number pool I am going to be PISSED.

Anyone else have this problem? now I am all for supporting Sipstation if it helps support FreePBX but come on! its like I am playing with a one man band that don’t know the song… Maybe I should find another provider and drop Sipstation like a bad habit?

I don’t know anything about Sipstation or Vonage however I am an expert in porting. Take your Vonage plan down to the $5.99/mo or whatever the lowest rate is and hold on to your number.

If you disconnect or you are dicsonnected from your carrier you will loose your number and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

I had a school disconnect their main number on the day we installed the new phone system before the port was complete. It took a regional VP of AT&T, my porting manager and the entire weight of the school board to get the number back.

It also took a whole week! I figure we have 100 hours of time into that fiasco.

Wow, this porting thing seems to me a lot of trouble. I had ported my number from Verizon to Vonage before and nearly lost the number in that instance, I had to reconnect a phone with Verizon because Vonage messed up big time.
What I don’t understand is how two providers can have your number and you can receive calls on either when ever either feel like working!

Your number can’t be on two providers.

Vonage might not have gotten the release order and processed it yet.

Some smaller carriers might not have processed the port orders for the last few days.

Keep in mind that the TCIC (Carrier Identification Code) on your number has to be populated into hundreds of LND data bases. Bottom line is some carriers that have not processed the port will still send your number to the Point Code of your old carrier until their records are up to date.

So what your saying is it like DNS propagation on the net but in a phone number sense?
This has been like it now for about a month, I would have thought this would have been quicker, but I just don’t understand why both Vonage and Sipstation claim to have my number.