On Duty Phone, how to change number easily?

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For the on call duty i use a virtual extension that has Follow Me enabled with the number of the phone we pass around.
Now that phone isnt needed anymore as everyone now has a work phone that they take home.
Per week another person is on duty and i’m looking for a simple way to change the number of the Follow me of the virtual phone.

Or if there is a better way to do this, i would like to know which direction to look into.

Right now i have a menu setup that runs from 18:00 to 07:00 that allows either a voicemail or to direct to the on duty phone. (in the menu the options calls the virtual phone that has the Follow me enabled)


I do that with the calendar module. I have 4 different on-call phones, so I created 4 different calendars, one for each on-call. Each calendar has a full day event for the day that this person is on-call, and I concatenated 4 time conditions so all the 4 calendars are checked. When the call arrives, the inbound route checks all calendars in sequence and sends the call to whichever calendar has the active event for the day. I know this is quite convoluted, but at least it works for my use case.

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This is perfect, never thought about it.
Since we set the weeks for half a year. Its simple enough to just adjust then.
Ty for the nudge in the right direction.
I’ll create all the virtual phones we need and make the conditions.

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