On demand recording doesn't show up on ARI correctly

I was using “*1” on demand recording to record calls. After 2nd recorded calls, the ARI call monitor page doesn’t show the ‘Play’ link properly. All rows in the first page has a ‘Play’ link with the last recorded call. I cannot retrieve any previous recorded call from the call monitor page anymore. Does anyone experience the same problem? Any idea how to fix this problem?

This problem was because of the $unique_file_key variable didn’t initialize properly key within the matching loop.

Fixed by initialize $unique_file_key variable in /var/www/html/recordings/modules/callmonitor.module

  // unique file key
  if ($uniqueid) {
    $buf = preg_replace('/\-|\:/', '', $calldate);
    $calldate_key = preg_replace('/\s+/', '-', $buf);
    $unique_file_key = $calldate_key . "-" . $uniqueid;

please file a bug report along with your fix so that it can get rolled into the code. It get’s missed or lost and forgotten on the forum.

Don’t know where to do that. On the left side, select development site, report a bug.