On-Demand Call Recording Not Working

So I checked and if you set the extension to record ALL calls this works and shows up in the users control panel.

However, when setting to “On-Demand” this does not work at all.

I did check and previously the dial plan did not allow 2 digit extensions. However, now this is fixed and seems to work. You can hear the dial tones but nothing is recorded.

Other features work and it is enabled in the “Feature Codes”.

Any recommendations? Where can I check to see if there any errors popping up?

I have exact same problem.

FreePBX 2.9 latest updates.

Asterisk Dial Command options set to: trwW
Asteriks Outbound Dial command options set to: wW

/etc/asterisk/features_general_custom.conf has:


Tried all sorts of combinations including starting out with none of the above settings.