On calls, a few seconds of dead air before audio

I have a group of users complaining that they have dead air for about 2 seconds (enough time to say there name) before the caller hears Them. any idea what to fix? this is on incoming calls going via a queue…

There might be multiple reasons. Set codec that is easy to view “on the wire”, use Wireshark, start swapping equipment, make test calls using other network connection (e.g. not VPN).
One weird issue I’ve seen recently was silence with same length as yours at the beginning of the calls when Bluetooth headset apparently was switching profile (the moment when microphone was activated). This was partially mitigated by opening audio source device before call is confirmed.

This may be indicative of a PBX behind a NAT router where the full RTP port range (default 10k to 20k UDP) is noting being forwarded to the PBX.

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One weird issue I’ve s

I will test out the few suggestions

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