Old view "Set Destinations"

Hallo all,

today i upgraded freepbx to 2.8. At this time i miss the old view for settings the Destinations in Inbound routes. current are there a dropbox to select Extensions, Languages or something else. It is possible to tweack the web interface to get the old view back?

Thanks in advanced…



both, for the very quick answers. i think i have to adapt on the new view.:wink:




the answer is no, we did not implement it with an option to use either view.

With relatively ‘simple’ configurations, the radio buttons do have the advantage more visibility to your options.

However, with many setups, the GUI ended up getting out of control. This is most notably seen when creating an IVR where the destinations are repeated for every options (or time conditions, daynight, etc.). If you have a look at IVRs with the new double dropdown box, you can see how much cleaner the interface ends up.

Why would you want the old view back? In 2.8 you can now use trunks as destinations for routes in addition to many other enhancements.

In the old version you were presented with a series of radio buttons that grew with the number of modules you had installed.

Now you make that selection from a drop box. Once you make the selection the objects of that module (IE: Voicemails, trunks, time-conditions etc.) will be presented in another drop box.

Does this make sense now?