Old machine died need to move it

So to sum it up my psu on my other machine died, I have another machine so I just threw the HDD into the new one and now I am just getting a ton of dracut errors and it sends me into emergency mode. Not sure what to do now because I dont have a backup…

There are a number of third party tools , mostly bootable linux iso images that might get your data back, maybe even make it bootable. but seriously. why did you never care to take a backup ? consider yourself seriously delinquent , you use a raspberry and EVERYONE has told you to backup up your SD card because it will die sooner or later , NO?

The next ‘n’ posts will be interesting as folks will try and help you but you never RTFM yet so they will start to read it to you . . .

Why not change the psu on the other machine?

No longer use a raspberry. I use a dell Optiplex the data is fine it just wont boot on the other machine, I assume this is due to hardware change.

Ordered one last night, needed a temporary solution though… oh well I guess this will just have to wait until Saturday.

Update: Replaced PSU on the optiplex FreePBX works again. Going to do a backup now and move it to a new installation next week and retire the 760. It has been a fun one.

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