Old IP Address in sip headers?


New to running FreePBX and am using the forums, search engines for everything so far. This issue has stumped me.

I have a newly installed and configured appliance. FreePBX 15 and Asterisk 16

I set it up on an initial IP address and have subsequently moved it to a new IP address (so that I could test the process before it it is moved to it’s final LAN).

All appears to work. I can access the GUI fully. I can send and receive external phone calls and internal phone calls. Everything works, except…

I installed Linphone on my Arch Linux laptop and made a call from my mobile to the external telephone number. It routed correctly and I was able to leave voicemail and take the call on Linphone

When I went to dial out, I noted that Linphone had recorded the number as

This was the original IP address that I setup the FreePBX on. I had changed the IP address to something completely different.

The PBX is still plugged into the same port in the same switch on the same network ( So there may be some caching going on - but I doubt it.

I haven’t run wireshark on it, but my expectation is that the sip header contains the IP address and Linphone is using this header to determine the reverse call details .

Am I correct in that assumption?

I’m using IP addresses, not host names to address the server at this stage and I have nothing going through a firewall… everything is completely local (apart from going through the PSTN from the standard mobile call).

I have run grep across all files in both /etc/ and the html files (as I noted that some of the files in /etc/ were links to html files) to look for “” and the only thing that pops up is the fail2ban log.

Anybody any idea what is going on? I am worried that when I put it live, there will be some configuration out there that says “hey, I can’t redial…!”



Is the new IP updated in Settings > Asterisk Sip Settings > Nat Settings > External address?

HI Matthew,

No, the IP address there is still the external, public address not the old internal address.

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