Okay a custom extension shows in FOP but does not indicate use


Christ… Okay I can setup an extension to dial an external number using a “Other (Custom) Device” and it shows up in the FOP but now a new problem. When calling the extension it does no show it’s in use, so some moron would probably transfer a call to it not knowing that it is in use. How do I fix this. Using FreePBX Is there some place I can set display properties for different extension types or is the FOP just not built for this???


A custom extension does not generate device state. You have to reference the correct channel technology in the FOP config.

Okay I guess I am stupid but how do I do that?


It’s not a question of stupid, just looking at how each component of your phone system works.

A good start is the documentation over at the FOP page:


Like all things FreePBX most of the work is done for you however a file with the word “custom” is included in the op_buttons.cfg file for you to add your own stuff.

Step 1 is to figure out where you want it to go on your display, I believe there are 84 positions in the standard layout.

Now you are wanting to monitor the dialing of a number not a trunk or extension state. This is a bit trickier however FOP allows you to have a regex button or regular expression. If the expression is true the button lights.

So here is the excerpt from button types at www.asternic.org

There are times that you need to monitor several channels or dynamically generated channel names. Regular expressions can come handy. To use a regular expression to match a channel name, you need to prefix it with an underscore. This kind of buttons cannot be used to originate a call because you don’t know for certain the channel that will be originating the call. The regular expression is always case insensitive. There are some reserved character that cannot be used: & and =. Example:

[_SIP/.*]	; regexp to match all sip channels
Label="All Sip channels"

Assuming you are using a sip trunk your expression would look like this


This button would light anytime 212 555 1212 is dialed

Does this make sense?