OK to delete "/root/installer-tmp/tmp/install.img"?

My FreePBX Distro installation has a 10gb hard drive on Amazon. Apparently even if I resize the drive, I’d still have to do additional work for FreePBX to understand that its partition is larger, and that’s beyond my skill level for something I’d want to try in production.

So, I’ve been clearing out any Asterisk and Fail2Ban logs over a day old, which are taking the vast majority of my storage space. Each night I keep hitting 76% storage space, which causes FreePBX to spam my inbox with alerts.

I noticed a 90mb file called “/root/installer-tmp/tmp/install.img”… is this thing safe to delete? I think it’d get me just low enough that I don’t get blasted with alerts each night. I can’t seem to find anything else disposable; I already deleted the entire Module Cache which went fine.

you are going to have to bite the bullet and fix this properly. backup the system, create a new instance on amazon with a 25gb drive and then restore your system to it. otherwise hire someone to be constantly cleaning up files.

If you can add space to the image , add a partition to the disk with the unused space, format it to ext4 and mount it over /var/log/ in fstab. You can almost certainly delete the *.img file, it has done it’s job.