OK now looking for outside help

After showing up to the office today I realize that I really do not know enough about Linux and Asterisk to implement this installation in a time efficient manner. I have taught myself enough to add extensions, local and remote, but today when you call our office’s main number it goes straight to Comedian Mail. I worry about how much money we have lost in sales over the weekend not knowing this. What I need is very basic.

  1. I need to record every call and have an easy way of managing those recordings.
  2. I need to have any voice mails left, transcribed to text and emailed to the appropriate person.
  3. I need to be able to access the voice-mail msg web-page of freepbx from any location.
  4. If someone can take me step by step through the process I can setup a remote ssh session for them to setup our server

Thats pretty much it. We currently have one Polycom 501, 4 Iphones running Mediafone 5 (I’m guessing they will need to use 729 codec?) and lastly 1 incoming PTSN line right now

I will probably add one additional Trunk line in the near future and maybe a dedicated PTSN fax line. Please help.

What exactly are you asking for? Personally I don’t think you should solicit for help randomly. You really don’to know what you will get. Have you considered using the FreePBX official support?

To level set on your expectations

1: This is very simple
2: FreePBX does not have this capability. You wills need to use an outside service.
3: This is not a. FreePBX specific issue. You will need to find someone familiar with Apace config or a web proxy.
4: I assume you intend to pay this person? As I mentioned consider using the official support team