Official position on Open g729 codec?

Hi chaps

Whats the official position on the open g729 and use of it?

There’s loads of disclaimers on the open g729 download sites saying that you may need to pay for its use, but do you?

We’ve seen perfectly acceptable results from it in testing and want to use it on live servers but I’m worried about the legal aspects.

Can anyone familiar with Digiums stance comment here?


It has nothing to do with Digium and everything to do with the intellectual property holder.

You need to review the standing of the IP holder in the countries you will do business along with an enforceability review by a qualified IP attorney to determine your exposure.

Making a decision if you can get away with not compensating the IP holder is a loaded question.

My guess is you didn’t realize the magnitude when you made the post.

I would read this info: and do a bit of wikipedia searching.

My take is to purchase one of the commercial transcoder cards that comes with a huge pool of licenses. Sangoma makes a nice one.