Office365 Address book + Dialling with FreePBX

We have a number of customers using FreePBX on hosted VPS using OpenVZ.

The majority of customers don’t worry too much about address books, however all of them would love to have an address book that syncs with their phones/Outlook.

A few of my customers have moved to Office 365 hybrid setup with on-site exchange server, and we want to be able to link the Outlook address book directly with the user’s extension, or even better with FreePBX and have it push the address book to the phones (Yealink in this case).

In addition it would great if they could use click to dial, or dial from within Outlook/Office 365.

Any pointers, links, suggestions much appreciated.

Kind regards, Nigel.

zulu has outlook intigration with click2call. You can put in a feature request for external syncing to office365 at

Has there been any progress made on Office365 contact integration? I have a customer who would like their 365 contacts to show up on their phones.

I am no longer an employee of Sangoma and do not have any insight in to their commercial roadmap. I would suggest following the information at under “commercial products”


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