Office Phone Upgrades - Suggestions

We are running on some ancient Grandstream GXP phones in the office and my staff of five is threatening a mutiny unless I upgrade them… To what?

The last time I went phone shopping was in 2006. Looking for eight phones total, six of which are desk phones, one conference room phone and one lunchroom phone. We do a lot of call parking and transferring and I use analog gateway to four incoming POTS lines and I use SipStation for outgoing calls.

While I never want to waste money, I would like to get something nice that is comfortable and sounds good. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



If you’re doing a lot of parking, I recommend the Sangoma P series phone with the parking phone app.

Does the P330 WiFi work well? If it does, I could use it in a few places that aren’t wired for LAN.

The P phones are pretty good over WiFi, they are not at full feature parity with the now deprecated S series but I will say that they have been getting better over time.

If your needs are basic I think you’ll be happy with the P series, whatever model you get.

I am running a P330 on wifi and can vouch for it.

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