Office 365 email setup keep sending from [email protected]

helping a friend with his email setup and he is using office365 setups via sysadmin but the email from keeps sending as [email protected]

I looked into my setup and mine does the same thing but i use a interal replay to office 365 vs he using a dedicated account.
Sep 19 13:32:54 cityhallpbx postfix/qmgr[30272]: 641162440B06: from=[email protected], size=125434, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

Something to be careful of, test messages via the SMTP Email Debug send as [email protected] even if you have the email from: address defined in FreePBX Advanced Settings. Other places where the From: address can be defined are the Voicemail Admin Email Config and System Admin Notification Settings.

yea i checked there and they are all set to [email protected] but office365 gives a error everytime saying user cannor send from this mailbox

ah… O365 does perform a sender check on their SMTP gateway.
Either in your setup you use SMTP Auth, or if you use no Auth then you have to permit your FreePBX IP in a Mail Flow connector in Exchange Online.
If you’ve already done that, the other thing it could be is the email address must be a known address, probably adding donotreply as an alias to another address would work.
I’m not the best Exchange Admin but those are places I would look.

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IMO, it would be best to setup with the auth for O365, and setup a DL with that donotreply@… so it is a valid email, I do the open relay in for on premise exchange here. but mine isn’t open to the internet.