Office 365 email setup, email debug issue

In the past installs, prior to v15, the

I’ve followed the instructions in the wiki (How to setup FreePBX to work with Office 365 Exchange Email - FreePBX Documentation - Documentation), but when I click on the debug button the field for email address doesn’t have anywhere to enter data. Have tried with Edge and Firefox. Image attached.

I’ve never seen a case where there is no email in the Postfix queue, it’s not being received, and there is no record of it in message trace at O365.

I can telnet on port 25 to the host as specified in the wiki.

Any ideas on the debug issue or the vanishing email?

Ah: Forgot to restart postfix after adding inet_protocols = ipv4 to Mail is being delivered now. Still odd that it was just vanishing.

What version of System Admin? It’s working for me using ver If necessary, you can upgrade to edge with:

 fwconsole ma upgrade sysadmin --edge

My bad for not including. Should be current on the non-edge ring.

Mystery solved:

The Mail Log section is so wide that there is an enormous horizontal scroll at the bottom that I didn’t notice; the actual address field is about 15,000 pixels to the right.

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I can also confirm that behavior. Just needs a bug report now.

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