OEM Branding Module

Hi there, I have been looking to use the OEMBranding Module however when trying to install it is stating there is no license available and thus it fails to install. How do I go about getting a license for the module?

It’s not something that you get access to, you would need to contact Sangoma sales to discuss OEM partnership but it’s not cheap. The module is used by Sangoma to apply OEM Templates depending on the Deployment ID.

Offcourse, You would need to pay a full mounty to make it possible to earn some money.
Great system of Sangoma.
It makes it only easier for 3CX to port to them.
I think Sangoma could (and should) do this different than other competitors.
But evryone its own way of doing things.
No OEM brandig thus :wink:
(Or is it? Maybe a fork in the future, which makes it a bit easier to make customers and supliers happy ;))

It’s open source. If you don’t want to pay Sangoma, you can pay front end developers to make a new GUI to your liking.

I look forward to you forking and maintaining a system with all the free features that you would like to see in it that the community would benefit from.

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Thank you, And I look forward to do that. We need these benefits, because I think there are less and less benefits about ‘Free***’ these days. :wink:

There have been no policy changes around this in any way, it’s the same now as has always been. You’re free to make whatever changes you want to FreePBX provided the copyright attribution remains and you keep to the GPL license terms when you publish. You can do it yourself, or pay someone else to do it. For those who wish, you can pay Sangoma to brand the system to your liking.

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