Oddity with PJSip SRV

Good afternoon. I’m sure this is probably more of an Asterisk issue, but maybe someone has some thoughts on this.

I built a PJSip trunk. A SRV record was built in DNS to point to the 4 carrier targets, and once the Asterisk trunk was turned on, the trunk showed a match and pulled the 4 IPs. However, it showed as UNAVAILABLE, so it didn’t even try to send the call.

After pulling what little hair I have out, I discovered that I also needed to create an A-record for the SRV target (minus the SRV characteristics, like _sip). The only thing I can imagine is that the ping/options test Asterisk was doing to determine availability of the trunk wasn’t being done against the derived IPs from the SRV record, but instead being done against the newly-created A-record instead, which of course isn’t an accurate portrail of availability. I would have expected the availability would be run against the first priority IP, and if it’s down, then the second, and if that’s down, the third, etc.

Thoughts on this? I didn’t want to have to build an A-record for these, but it seems I have to in order for Asterisk to even see the trunk as operational.



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